Time is Running Out to Save Rosie’s Factory!

MAY 1st, 2014 is the FINAL deadline to raise the funds necessary to preserve a small portion of the Willow Run Bomber Plant, home of the original Rosie the Riveter, as a NEW home for the Yankee Air Museum!

Although demolition of much of the Willow Run Bomber Plant has already begun, “our” portion and our Campaign are not affected. The success of the campaign so far has earned us additional time to save a section of the historic plant, but time is running out… the ongoing redevelopment of the property makes May 1st, 2014 a firm deadline.

You, too, can be a part of this nationwide effort to save a small piece of mighty Willow Run, the crown jewel of the Arsenal of Democracy, and home of Rosie the Riveter!

Just click the big, red DONATE button… remember, every $50 saves 1 sq. ft. of the plant.

Redevelopment of the Willow Run property as a connected vehicle research center  is currently underway. Our vision of the Yankee Air Museum housed in a preserved portion of the Plant would complete the picture of a revitalizing cluster of community assets at Willow Run, with the history and future of American transportation technology showcased side by side.

Why is the Willow Run Bomber Plant so Important?

At the peak of its production during World War II, the Willow Run Plant produced B-24 Liberator bomber planes at the astonishing rate of one every hour, and employed over 40,000 workers, including many pioneering women assembly line workers, collectively nicknamed “Rosie the Riveter.” Willow Run produced more aircraft every month than Japan did in a year, earning it, and southeast Michigan, worldwide fame as “The Arsenal of Democracy.”

Is our goal impossible? Not at all! It will cost a total of $8 million to save part of the plant as the new, improved home of the Yankee Air Museum and its fleet of flyable historic aircraft. The vast majority of the funds needed are for “separation” costs to make the remaining portion of the building viable after the rest of the plant goes, taking one wall and all utilities with it. The purchase price of the building is generously low, but we must show that we have the support… and the funds… to make our dream a reality.

Amazingly, $6.5 million has already been raised at the time of the most recent deadline extension, and support for the campaign has been overwhelming! But the Michigan Aerospace Foundation must raise $1.5 million more by May 1, 2014. Due to ongoing demolition plans for the rest of the plant, this will be our final deadline. With continued publicity and demonstrated support via smaller donations, it’s possible to entice larger and corporate donors to contribute 6 and 7 figure amounts to the cause, as the clock winds down.

So do your part… $50 saves 1 sq. ft. of the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant!

If we fail, our part of the plant will share the fate of the rest of the building, and a valuable piece of our history could be lost in its entirety. But…

Just as the Willow Run workers helped win World War II… together, we can do it!

Do your part. Click on the big, red “Donate” button, and give generously…. and please tweet, post and share to spread the word!

We thank you, our donors and friends, for all you have done to bring us to this point. The outpouring of community and nationwide support has been awesome and inspiring.

Thank you!
The Michigan Aerospace Foundation
The Yankee Air Museum
Campaign Co-chairmen Astronaut Jack Lousma and former GM Executive Bob Lutz